(21) Days of Prajab

This is a story of boy(s) meets girl(s), 

but you should know upfront, this is not a love story.


…well, maybe just a little bit of it.

This is a story of gaining weight, absolute boredom, great joy, collective laughter, morning gym with My Heart Will Go On back sound, multi-tasking ability in class, haunted room (katanya), temporary caffeine addiction, constant mockery, the blatant display of sotoy-ness, less-surprising birthday surprise, broken English of some widyaiswaras, coup d’etat in karaoke room, cinloks, overheard of the sound “zzzzztttt!”, and many other bizarre things


Some of you maybe quite familiar with those lines above. Yep, it’s taken from prologue of the movie (500) Days of Summer, one of my all time favorite. I just borrowed the line for my tribute on my prajab days in this post, with a bit of addition. Actually it’s not 21 as it planned before, because somehow at the end it was shortened into 20 days (and as a consequence, we use the remaining day as ‘national recovery day’, a subtle form of ‘national absence day’). But hey, just take it as if it goes for 21 days, shall we? :)

I have to admit that ‘prajab’ is not a common word for people who not working in government institutions. Actually it stands for ‘pra jabatan’, a term that commonly used as a shortened form of ‘diklat pra jabatan’. ‘Diklat’ itself is also a shortened form of ‘Pendidikan dan latihan’. Believe me, entering PNS world means you have to be ready for many confusing abbreviations and shortened terms like those. So what is the purpose of it? In order to become a fully recognized civil servant, with fully-paid salary and wide-opened opportunity for self-improvement, every CPNS must pass this course and training program, plus other less significant requirements like medical check-up, completing the supporting documents, etc. In common practice, a prajab could take time ranging from 2 until 3 weeks. During that time, you’ll be quarantined in a dorm inside the pusdiklat area, attending classes held from Monday to Saturday (yes, Saturday!), involved in so-called civilian marching lessons, morning gym (honestly i expect better result from Google Translate when i entered the query “senam pagi”..), eat regularly, and sleep irregularly. But then again, at least i can escape myself from my dead-serious hectic work for more than 3 weeks and still get paid hehehe…

*laughter stops when I remember payday is still months to come.. :((*



One of the happiest thing in life. Hurrah!



My prajab was taken place in here, the coordinates are: -6.363262,106.748915 (copy those numbers and paste in Google search column, you’ll find the place). At first i thought it was located at the outer border of civilized world, but my guess is wrong. Not too far away from here, there’s a big 24 hours McDonald’s restaurant. Alfa Midi also just steps away from this place, something that doen’t even exist in my home town. It took almost 4 hours and switching 4 kinds of public transports when the 1st time i come to this place, yet i finally get to make the journey shorter in the upcoming weeks. But still, as a Bekasian, i consider the trip from Bekasi to this place as one hell of an exhausting trip. 



An honest question from the permanent member of RoKer (Rombongan Kereta): Why??



So how’s the things going there? Well, try to imagine back when you’re still in high school and learning about PPKn. Try to remember the atmosphere. Our classes are quite similar with that, but with much more boredom involved. What can we expect from such normative subjects such as Kepemerintahan yang Baik, Wawasan Kebangsaan NKRI, or Etika dan Moral Aparatur Negara?? Even from their name we can already imagine how abstract the subjects were. Plus, we have to make a hand-written resume for each subject and presenting it in front of our class on daily basis. Did i already told you about the discussion of the subjects? …oooh, I just can’t get my brain into that. Absolute boredom there was, which made the entire class became addicted to caffeine. Fortunately, it just happened inside the class. When the class finished, the wild side of us went out of control. Karaoke, UNO-time, nobar, BBQ-ing, ghibah-ing, etc. etc. Ah, the moment when we share the same laughter and shed the same tears of joy (or tears because of kemasukan asep pas bakar-bakaran)… that was priceless! 



One other thing, before I begin my prajab days, I was warned on how boring and how exhausting my days will be for the next 3 weeks. The previous batch before us said that they have to force themselves to get awake until midnight (or even extended ‘till early morning) just to finish the resume. It makes me wondering on how they manage their precious time to get distracted by those kind of things since we NEVER have to did that. Our motto is “whatever happens in class, stays in class.”, including the resume-making process. So we always try to finish that thing before we leave the class in order to spend the entire night for something else worth doing. Yeah, they’re right. It was dead boring inside the class, but my batch surely know how to having fun and making fun of that situation… (and i’m glad becoming part of it) :))

Enough with my story, let the pictures below tells more..

P.S.: Some photos are courtesy of my friends, Rizky Beta and Edward Sinaga. Credits goes to them for these marvelous documentations.


Welcome! *just like what keset under the main door said*



Grande dorm building. Picture taken on our last day there.. :'(



Good morning from Cinangka! Location: tempat jemuran. Gunung Salak is on the background.



Yet another mistake on writing my last name. Couldn’t they googled it first?? *tsaelah*



A typical prajab class. People disappearing from their seats to escape the boredom. Have i told you that white shirt with tie and dark trouser is our daily uniform? I’m not a close friend of the word ‘neat’, so yeah.. suffered…



Just like what Michael Stipe of R.E.M. says: “shiny happy people laughing!”



Al-Jama’ah Al-Senampagi’ah preparing to do the morning rituals. Background music: dangdut house remix. Note: these girls are not belakang-genic :p



Now this is what “civilian marching lesson” looks like. If you keep staring at the beautiful sky above these people instead of the people itself, we have something in common :) *high five*



Quite neat, huh? If this was a hotel, it will cost me quite much. Oh, and this is the only room in my building where wi-fi signal exists. ;)



Day 17: Batch II dressed in haute-couture batik by Jean-Paul Gaultier. :p



Aaaah.. karaoke time!! We have our own karaoke room in this building. Sort of like InulVista without the face of Inul on the wall and overpriced set of F&B menu.. Of course we only choose high taste, non-alay song lists..



…just like this one: Slam – Gemis Mengundang. The harmonization of strings and vibrant vocal within the band… so indescribeable!



Boulevard of broken dreams? Yes, because sometimes we have to waking up from our sleep way too early in the morning. That explains the blurry image.. *masih ngantuk*



The auditorium. M.a.s.s.i.v.e.



The dining room. Menus are predictable. Mostly consists of taoge and eggs. I think they should start thinking to provide a therapy for couples with fertility problem.



BBQ night plus farewell night.. *hiks*



2 thoughts on “(21) Days of Prajab

  1. Yah memang begitulah prajab. Yang paling bikin males adalah bangun jam 5 pagi untuk senam yg dipimpin ama Kopassus (prajab gw), padahal malemnya tidur larut karena ngeresume materi.. :( Anyway, emg selalu pas perpisahan baru terasa sedihnya karna harus berpisah dgn tmn2 yg udh ngumpul bersama selama beberapa minggu.. :) Satu hal yg menarik disini, Gedung Pusdiklat Kemendag bagus yah? Kalah Kemenkeu yg notabene pengelola keuangan negara.. :pMudah2an kita bs jadi abdi negara yg baik untuk melayani rakyat yg telah membayar gaji kita.. :)PNS RULES! :D

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