Twournal: A Great Tool to Documented Your Tweets

No, i’m not paid by for this post, but believe me, I just found out this website (thanks to @masova) and very pleased with the outcome. Previously, i’ve been using Tweetake for my tweets’ documentation purpose. The website generates its result on .csv format (sort of like .xls format, if you’re asking), which i thought not the best format for this purpose. There is also, but always failed miserably. Supposedly it will generate PDF format for our old tweets, but whenever i try, it just keep on loading process without resulting something. Finally, Twournal comes to the rescue. Not only creating PDF version of our tweets in a form of a daily journal, Twournal also take all pics we uploaded via Twitpic or Yfrog and put those on our ‘twournal’. Twournal also offers us to order our printed hard-covered Twournal as their service by paying several amount of money, but i firmly believe we, Indonesians, never gonna use that service.. :p

Take a look at the site and give it a try. Here i also attached mine as an example.



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