Hello, new life!

It’s all started with this:




Hey, it says no need to include crime-free letter, drugs-free letter, health certificate, and other complicated requirements we used to have in similar selections. Heck, i’m in. I have nothing to lose, only educational certificate and transcript? Piece of cake! 


And then time goes by. I pass the first phase, and eligible to join the placement test (i documented the moment here). This is my first experience on get involved in a massive placement test. Our year would be much remembered for this. It’s odd knowing that kind of question appear in the test. Funnily, i answered it right, thanks to the constant mockery on my twitter timeline of his songs that also played in Independence Day ceremony at the palace two months before.


After waiting for about a month, and after passing several series of interviews, the good news is come. Dang! Civil servant? Not even flashed in my mind two years earlier. Maybe this is what Brandon Flowers meant: “destiny is calling me”. Rushing to numbers of administration offices to complete all registration documents, and finally made it through. 


And this is the epilogue of the journey. An initiation held outside the city. But one thing to be remembered: we’re all still civil servant-to-be. :))


P.S.: To all grammar nazis out there, please have mercy on me :))


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